The Differences Between a Resort and a Luxury Private Villa

private villas and resorts along a beachfront

Wondering what type of accommodation to choose when you’re planning a trip in Costa Rica? Many people find themselves pondering the decision between a private villa or a beach resort. Given that both have their own unique provisions, it can be difficult to choose between the two.

Here, we’ll outline the differences between a resort and a private villa with a private pool so that you can make an educated decision between the two. As well, we’ll let you know exactly what benefits you’ll get when you stay at Casa Teresa.

Unparalleled Privacy

Possibly the number one draw of private villas over resorts is, you guessed it, the privacy. Want to wander around the beach all day long with no makeup on, wearing a bikini, and drinking cocktails? That’s your prerogative in a private villa!

This level of privacy also allows you more time to spend with the people closest to you—and time apart from them when you want it. You can have both personal space and family time at a private villa, thanks to the lack of people around who could interfere with your family time. Conversely, the spacious grounds and separate rooms of a private villa mean you’ll have ample personal space and time for sunbathing, meditating, or taking a peaceful afternoon nap. 

Additionally, private villas are often the better venue than resorts for customized events like destination weddings, family reunions, or corporate retreats. When the goal is togetherness and quality time, you don’t want the presence of strangers to detract from the experience. 

Personalized Concierge Services

With a private rental property, all services and staff are dedicated to your personal wellbeing, including the villa manager, housekeepers, and chef. You can customize your experience down to the finer details on a level that’s simply not possible at a resort.

Want gourmet vegan cuisine prepared for you by a five-star chef in the comfort of your own kitchen? Want the furniture to be rearranged to be a yoga and meditation haven? Want custom security arranged for your valuables? All these customizations are available when you choose a full-service private villa. 

If any of your guests have special needs, like wheelchair accommodation or care for a service animal, you can best accommodate those needs at a private villa as opposed to a resort. 

At a resort, you won’t be able to achieve the highest level of trip personalization. You’ll experience the same accommodation and services as everyone else, which can lead to long wait times and substandard service in peak seasons. 

No Fighting for Parking or Security

At a private villa, your vehicles and belongings aren’t accessible to anyone else. This is an especially valuable (or even non-negotiable) upside for the travelers who are bringing valuable items or classified documents.

When a private villa with a private pool is your temporary backyard, there’s no need to worry about your private documents or items being compromised. Most Costa Rican private villas come with private security and parking, so your vehicle and belongings are protected at all times. And if you’re someone who needs it, you can even bring along your security guards for extra peace of mind. 

Access to All Amenities, 24/7

Unlike a hotel, when it comes to a private villa, every appliance, facility, and amenity is yours and yours alone. You don’t have to wait for breakfast — you can just ask the private chef to cook you what you want. You don’t have to worry about protecting your belongings, sharing a space with strangers, or trying to find a time the resort pool isn’t crowded.

Your private villa with a private pool is yours and yours alone. If you’re the type of person to willingly admit that patience isn’t your best virtue, then a private villa is definitely your best bet.

Book Your Stay at Casa Teresa

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