Indigenous Culture Of The Chorotega

silhouetted woman in front of purple and orange sunset on beach

The native islanders of Costa Rica have a long and rich history that no tourist on this beautiful island should go without learning about and experiencing. This resource page will fill you in on just a few of the aspects of Costa Rica culture and customs you can enjoy while you stay with us at Casa Teresa.

A brief definition and history of the Chorotega people can be found at Encyclopedia Britannica. However, a culture is so much more than just the facts and figures associated with it. You can get a healthy dose of what makes this tribe so special through their gorgeous and unique tradition of pottery.

The capital city for this bastion of Costa Rica culture and customs is Guaitil. Although it’s a bit of a trip away from the Nicoya Peninsula, it’s well worth seeking out if you have 1-2 days to spare during your trip.

Would you like to know more about the Chorotega, Costa Rica rituals, traditions, and so much more before your trip? Send us an email today and one of our knowledgeable island experts will fill you in and help you book your stay. You can experience the best of ancient cultures and modern luxury when you join us at Casa Teresa.