Surrounding Villages

The view of the lush Costa Rican jungle with a volcano in the background.

A stay at Santa Teresa is exactly what you make of it — from a relaxing getaway to a heart-pounding, action-packed surfing adventure. Once you’ve gotten to know the restaurants and other attractions of Santa Teresa, be sure to check out the surrounding Costa Rica villages to complete your experience of the Nicoya Peninsula.

Playa Hermosa

A stretch of white sandy beach and blue waters.

Ok, so this village is best known for its beach, and why not? It’s one of the quietest and broadest beaches around, making it ideal for beginner and intermediate surfers. Beyond the all-day swells and hollow waves, the village is home to a yoga retreat, a language school, and an international school that makes it an attractive place for expat families.


Manzanillo Sandcastle Party

A little further up the coast from Playa Hermosa lies the next of our Costa Rica villages: Manzanillo. This tiny village marks the end of the coastal road starting at Mal País and is bordered to the north by the Caletas-Ario Wildlife Refuge. Every March, this area comes alive with the annual Manzanillo Sandcastle Party. Food stalls service regional cuisine and the music and dancing continue on late into the night.

El Carmen

A plate of handmade soap, decorated with paper labels and blue-and-white tie.

Heading towards the south, you’ll come across the lively Costa Rica village of El Carmen. Here, savor the local flavors at the cafés and restaurants while local chickens move freely around the streets. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to catch the Feria Libre de Plástico (Plastic-Free Market) and stock up on some handcrafted soaps and nature-themed T-shirts.

Your Costa Rican Adventure Awaits

Place yourself right in the center of the beautiful Nicoya peninsula and these gorgeous Costa Rica villages with an exclusive stay at Casa Teresa. Situated 0.5 miles from Santa Teresa and 75 feet from the beach, this luxury villa provides the comforts of home in the middle of the lush environment of Costa Rica’s Pacific coast. Contact our staff to inquire about dates and bring your tropical dreams to life!