Rainy Day in Santa Teresa? Here’s Our Ultimate List of Indoor Vacation Ideas

rain pouring from dark rainclouds over a beach

Rain in Costa Rica is inevitable in certain seasons, but it can seem like a downer if you’ve planned your whole vacation outdoors. However, if you plan it right, moving your vacation indoors might make for some of your best memories. A rainy day can be a soothing break from the sun that lets you relax, indulge, and get cozy. Here are our top ten indoor vacation ideas!

1. At-Home Spa Day

Break out the candles, put on your fluffy robe and slippers, play a meditation video, and create an atmosphere around you that helps you unwind and de-stress. 

If you’re staying at Casa Teresa, we can arrange for a professional private masseuse to come to the villa and treat you, a couple, or the whole group. You can also have a bath, do a home facial, meditate, sit in a sauna, or whatever helps you find your zen.

2. Ignore the Rain in Costa Rica and Hike 

Anyone who’s hiked in a rainforest knows you’re going to get wet no matter the weather. In certain seasons, rain is to be expected. 

So just embrace the rain! There are tons of hikes to do beneath the rainforest canopy, and if it’s warm enough, the wet might even come as a blessing. Wear a swimsuit and swim beneath a waterfall while the leaves drip water on you from above. Rain in Costa Rica doesn’t have to be a deterrent to going outside.

3. Head to a Bar

Drinking cocktails and local craft beers is an all-season activity. See how the locals wind down and go on a bar crawl around your local area!

Find a local watering hole for a drink or go salsa dancing in the city. There are always plenty of places to hang out, dance, or party. Try a spicy Chiliguaro shot, a Miguelito, Malacrianza beer, or a Jaguar Colada—all Costa Rican specialties.

4. Take a Yoga Class

Yoga is a fun outdoor or indoor vacation idea that brings you back down to earth and makes your body feel rejuvenated. If you’re a yoga connoisseur or a total novice, there are yoga classes out there for you to get out of the rain in Costa Rica.

Looking for yoga around Casa Teresa? We have an entire guide to yoga in Santa Teresa if you’re staying with us. 

5. Read a Book 

Many people use their precious vacation time to finally sit down and read that book they’ve been meaning to read. A great indoor vacation idea for a rainy day is to steal some much-needed rest and relaxation and snuggle up with a good book. We’ve compiled a list of 6 books you should be reading if you want to visit Costa Rica here. 

6. Hire a Private Chef For a Dinner In 

Treat yourself with something much more special than ordering takeout and hire a private professional cook! A private caterer can whip up your favorite meals or something gourmet and unique to the area, all in the comfort of your own home. We’ve made a page on our Personal Chef Services that we offer when you stay at Casa Teresa. 

7. Game Day

Busting out the board games is one of our favorite indoor vacation ideas. If you’re traveling with friends and family, this might be a rare occasion where you’re all united, and board games are a great way to spend time with each other.

8. Explore Local Attractions

Explore your local area and see what attractions are around! Find museums, bookstores, private art galleries, boutique shopping, and much more.

If you’re in Santa Teresa, we have a guide to living locally for you to browse. This small haven of culture features enough world-class dining, galleries, and shopping to keep you occupied even if the rain in Costa Rica lasts all week.

9. Have a Movie Night

Spend time with your loved ones and cuddle up with this classic indoor vacation idea! In Costa Rica and not sure what you should watch? We made a guide describing 5 Movies about Costa Rica that will keep you in the Pura Vida spirit.

Spend Any Season in Casa Teresa

Rain or shine, the private beachfront paradise of Casa Teresa is unforgettable. This luxury villa has everything you need to rest, relax, and indulge when there’s either sunny weather or cozy rain in Costa Rica. If you’re interested in making a reservation, contact Casa Teresa today.