A History of Santa Teresa: One of the Best Beach Towns in Costa Rica

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Casa Teresa has quickly risen the ranks of tropical estates to become one of the most sought-after destinations in the Pacific, beloved by everyone from celebrities like Ryan Seacrest and the Kardashians to the local surfers who call these Costa Rican beaches home. But how did its home ground of Santa Teresa go from being known as a small surf hamlet to one of the best beach towns in Costa Rica? Take a load off and let Casa Teresa tell you the story.

Humble Beginnings

Santa Teresa wasn’t always the swanky international tourist destination that it is now. Like much of Costa Rica for much of its history, the town was mainly reliant on cattle farming, agriculture, fishing, and other kinds of farming for the majority of its income. In fact, this little burg didn’t even have electricity until the mid-1990s! But even with its lack of modern conveniences, the town was always known for its beauty and hospitality in equal measure. Santa Teresa has always been one of the best beach towns in Costa Rica when it comes to hitting the waves and catching some gorgeous sunsets, but it wasn’t until relatively recently that it became an international destination.

The Big Shift

Santa Teresa history took a sharp turn when the government divided up the territory, splitting it among several families who would become the pioneers of the land. This led to a humongous upswing in development once investors saw the potential in Santa Teresa for it to become one of the best beach towns in Costa Rica as a tourist destination.

Their instincts turned out to be right on the money. Santa Teresa is a stone’s throw away from some of the most beautiful nature preserves on the island, and its reputation as a surfing town hasn’t diminished in the slightest: there are gentle waves to court novices and gnarlier surf for the serious wave riders as well. And while the town itself might have gotten bigger, the ingratiating small town hospitality the spot had always been known for never diminished. Add a bounty of amazing restaurants to the mix, and you have one of the best beach towns in Costa Rica and a hot destination that no traveler with an eye for fun and exploration would dream of passing up.

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Casa Teresa’s Role in Santa Teresa History

Casa Teresa itself has played no small part in the transformation of Santa Teresa from surf burg to burgeoning tourist spot. The estate has its roots in the mid-00s, right around the same time word of Santa Teresa’s delights first started to spread. Businessman and founder of Casa Teresa, Alfred Decarolis, became so enamored with the location that it quickly became his favorite place in the world to bring his family on vacation. Christening it as one of the best beach towns in Costa Rica, he purchased a beachfront estate so as to always have a place to bring himself and his loved ones when they needed to relax…and that estate turned into the Casa Teresa we know and love today.

Casa Teresa and Santa Teresa have since had a symbiotic relationship: Casa Teresa was built on the premise that Santa Teresa was a wonderful place to spend time, and as a full-service luxury locale Casa Teresa has gone on to further cement Santa Teresa’s reputation as one of the best beach towns in Costa Rica. Attracting celebrities like Tom Brady and Kourtney Kardashian to this little enclave, Santa Teresa’s economy has grown by leaps and bounds over the last few years, and its status seems poised to only grow with time.

Santa Teresa Today

Santa Teresa has come a long way from the tiny fishing village it used to be. Today, you can get to this tropical paradise by way of chartered flight, and then visit either a world-class restaurant or a breathtaking nature reserve at your pleasure. Santa Teresa has gone from being an obscure surfing spot to an area that’s widely regarded to be one of the best beach towns in Costa Rica…and now you can experience that same magic for yourself.

Experience a Piece of Santa Teresa History Today

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