Island Voyages From Santa Teresa

Front Boat Tropical River

Taking a vacation in Costa Rica means you’ll be surrounded by some of the most beautiful nature planet Earth has to offer. And if you’ve been dying to get on the water or see some rare fish not available for viewing in a local pet store, then you are in for a tropical treat with this trip. Many of the islands off of Costa Rica are just as worthwhile to explore as the mainland, which is why we created a list highlighting the best ones to visit when staying at Casa Teresa.

Isla Tortuga

As one of the closest islands to our own grounds at Casa Teresa, Isla Tortuga is not only a beautiful destination but also a relatively convenient one as well. The island is self-referentially named for its abundance of sea turtles and provides a great outpost for many other kinds of marine exploration as well. This is one of the finest islands off Costa Rica to visit for a relaxing adventure amongst no shortage of beautiful aquatic wildlife.

Isla de Cabuya

For a fun, fascinating, and even somewhat spooky adventure, visit the cemetery on Cabuya Island. This is a more mysterious and intriguing place than the other paradises around the Nicoya Peninsula, and no one inhabits this little forested isle except for those laid to rest at the cemetery. The trip is made even more exciting by the fact that you can only access Cabuya Island at low tide by walking across a reef. Don’t worry about getting marooned—you can take a half-day guided tour to the island where a guide will escort you across at the right time.

Cocos Island National Park

Costa Rica is known for its easygoing waters and relaxed surfing experiences, but Cocos Island breaks with the stereotype of the placid Pacific island thanks to its fierce counter currents and deep waters. However, it makes for one of the most popular island tours of Costa Rica thanks to its exquisite scuba diving. Dolphins aren’t an uncommon sight near the Cocos, and many kinds of (safe) shark viewing spots are available to daring tourists as well. Among the many islands off Costa Rica, this one may be the closest to its original state of wilderness and thus makes an exciting prospect for the voyager who wants a dose of authentic Costa Rican nature.

Tropical island surrounded by calm ocean

Isla Chira

This story of this location traces all the way back to the early days of Earth itself. Isla Chira’s distinctive look is the result of a geological fissure that occurred countless generations ago, leaving what were once the tops of hills as mere reminders of a bumpy landscape. This is in keeping with its sense of prehistoric mystique, and of all the islands off of Costa Rica, this one has the most pristinely intact biodiversity of tropical dry forests. And for those of you who enjoy getting fit as you explore nature, Isla Chira features an annual bike and footrace for those who want to get up close and personal with the island’s beautiful wilderness.

Isla Del Cano

We close out our list with the beautiful and mysterious Isla Del Cano, a favorite spot of none other than Charles Darwin as he explored the rich biodiversity of the Pacific climate. It’s no wonder this is one of the islands off of Costa Rica that’s proven best for whale watching, and some intrepid observers have even reported sighting manatees on multiple occasions. Combine that with its beautiful beaches, pristine blue waters, and an abundance of artifacts dating back to pre-Colombian civilization, and you have yourself one of our favorite island tours of Costa Rica that provides a healthy dose of natural splendor as well as ancient intrigue.

Explore Even More with Casa Teresa

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There’s a lot more to discover when you make Casa Teresa your luxury vacation headquarters. From your private chartered flight, you might even see some islands off Costa Rica you’d like to visit yourself. Our expert concierges will be more than happy to fill you in on all the best spots to travel to during your stay. Why settle for a stock-standard holiday when you could choose to spend the day viewing some of the most sublime marine life on Earth, then come back to your room for a scrumptious private meal cooked by your own personal chef?

Book your stay with Casa Teresa today for a vacation you won’t forget. Island tours of Costa Rica, incredible shopping and nightlife, and even more delightful activities are all at your beck and call when you choose to lodge with us. There are so many beautiful islands off Costa Rica to see and explore, but the first step is to get here. Give Casa Teresa a call today and ask about our rates and availability.