Wildlife Refuges Near Santa Teresa

Sea turtle resting on a beach

If you’re planning a trip to visit Costa Rica, you can’t afford to skip out on taking in some of the most unique and wonderful wildlife on the entire planet. But where should you visit, and what will each of these spots have to offer when you get there? Let Casa Teresa introduce you to a Costa Rica wildlife refuge you’ll be able to enjoy, many of which are just a stone’s throw away from our gorgeous grounds.

Even if you don’t think of yourself as a nature person, trust us when we say that you won’t want to miss out on the incredible creatures of Costa Rica. These aren’t critters you can spot out of any ordinary office window after all. Many tours will offer transportation, and if you take a zipline tour you may not even technically have to get out of your seat! We know there’s a Costa Rica wildlife refuge to suit your taste, and the following are just a few examples to choose from.

Curu Wildlife Refuge

If you’re looking to make a real adventure out of your trip into Costa Rican forestry, the Curu Wildlife Refuge will make a fantastic fit for you. The gallery page of their official website will give you a good idea of just what to expect when you arrive. At almost 1,500 hectares in size, Curu is a sight to behold and even offers tours through its spacious grounds via horseback. Throw in cabin reservations for those who want to spend the night in style, and you’ve got a Costa Rica wildlife refuge custom made for the vacationer that wants to get the most out of their stay.

Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve

Established in 1963 and known as the very first protected natural land area in the country, Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve is a Costa Rica icon that no tourist can afford to miss out on. While species of all kinds abound in Cabo Blanco, the site is probably most well known for its abundance of tropical birds with over 240 distinct species having been recorded up to this day (the armadillos and white-tailed deer are no slouches either). This Costa Rica wildlife refuge isn’t just a great place to see some beautiful animals, it’s also an important part of the nation’s heritage that any vacationer should be excited to wade into.

Green parrot next to a tree

Isla San Lucas

The history of San Lucas Island is a truly wild ride and assuredly unlike anything else you’ll see during your travels here. It was previously known for housing one of the most notorious and dangerous prisons in the Pacific Islands, but as of 2001 has gained a new life as a Costa Rica wildlife refuge known for its impressive biodiversity. While you still might run into some interesting characters during your visit to Isla San Lucas, they’re much more likely to take the form of howler monkeys and barracudas in this day and age. It has one of the most unique settings of any Costa Rica nature reserve, and we can’t recommend it enough for travelers who want to experience something a bit off the beaten path.

Discover Nature with Casa Teresa Today

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You’re only a few clicks away from experiencing the magic of a Costa Rica wildlife refuge with your own two eyes. To book your stay in a full-service luxury cabana at Casa Teresa, get in touch with us today and ask about our rates and availability. You’re never too far from the finest things the tropics have to offer when you choose to stay with Casa Teresa.