Vacation Safety Tips

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Vacations have been proven to boost mental and physical health as well as happiness, and when you really let yourself enjoy it, travel provides a refreshing boost of motivation and productivity for your daily life back home. That said, it’s easy to worry about what happens at home in your absence. How do you ensure that you and your belongings are safe whilst on vacation? Let’s take a look at 5 simple tips for safe travel. 

Secure Your Home

While many consider vacation safety tips as what you do on your trip, don’t forget about what happens at home! Start safety planning before you even head to the airport. Let’s take a look at a few ways you can easily secure your home before traveling:

  • Ask someone to look after your home – Before leaving for vacation let a neighbor or close friend know about your travel plans. Ask them if they can keep an eye out for your home. If they can, it will also be helpful for them to physically check on your home. Your home will be less vulnerable to burglaries if people know that someone is watching. 
  • Keep up with your landscaping – If you’re traveling for a while, keep up with your landscaping. A freshly manicured lawn will give the impression that your home looks “lived in”.
  • Stop mail delivery – With most mail delivery services, you have the option to pause delivery. Stop mail delivery during travel dates to avoid having mail pile up. Uncollected mail can be a big indicator that no one is home.
  • Lock windows and doors – It’s a given that you should lock your front and back door while traveling but don’t forget about your windows. Lock all of your windows and doors, even those on the second story of your house. 

Do Research

Doing research is a huge tip for safe travel. Get familiar with your destination before fully committing to it. Before visiting another country you should understand if your home country has issued a travel advisory. If they have, be prepared to take extra precautions or work with your luxury destination host on securing safe transport to and from your destination. Check that your host offers concierge services and 24/7 access to security, as well.

Tips For Safe Vacation

Gain an understanding of the area you desire to visit. Read reviews and blogs, watch videos. Ask friends about their experience who may have visited before. 

When you choose luxury travel, rest assured that you can and will enjoy your vacation, as many of us in the luxury travel industry strive to create safe, relaxing, and reliable service for our clients. Regardless, it is a crucial vacation safety tip that you have at least some kind of understanding of the city or country you’re visiting. 

Update Friends and Family

Our third tip for safe travel is to make others aware of your detailed travel plans. Leave a copy of your itinerary with a close friend or family member. While you’re away, check in with them consistently and let them know your whereabouts. 

Vacation Safety Tips

Be Mindful While Using Public Wifi

Connecting to public Wifi while exploring the town may seem appealing but be very mindful. Open wireless servers do not have the same security as password protected servers, making you more accessible to hackers. If you’re unable to purchase data roaming services and have to use public wi-fi, never input crucial information. 

An important tip for safe travel is to never use credit card numbers, social security numbers, or any other private information on any of your devices while using public wifi. If you absolutely have to make purchases or complete secure transactions while traveling, always do so from your vacation rental that has its own private network connection.

Purchase Travel Insurance

Purchasing travel insurance is a vacation safety tip that is often overlooked. However, it’s just as important as your flight, accommodations, and everything else. Purchasing travel insurance will ensure that you are covered for both minor and major inconveniences. 

In severe cases, this tip for safe travel can be a literal life-saver. From a lost suitcase to last-minute cancellations, to a serious medical emergency, travel insurance is something that you need every time you travel.

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