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Luxury Amenities You’ll Find at Casa Teresa

Person standing on the beach in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica at sunset

When you choose to vacation at Casa Teresa, you will have access to over a dozen luxury amenities. We make it our priority to ensure that all of our guests have a comfortable stay. Embark your journey to Costa Rica without any stress or worry. We will take care of your every need at our

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The Elements of a Perfect Costa Rica Vacation

Feet standing on a boardwalk over lush, green jungle view

Securing a beach front house that takes care of your creature comforts is the first step of planning an unforgettable tropical adventure. Here, we’ll explain the elements of a perfect Costa Rica vacation to help you plan a getaway that you’ll treasure for life. Choose the Right Time to Go Costa Rica enjoys a tropical

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4 Cool Things You’ll See While Staying at Casa Teresa

A scarlet macaw in the rainforest.

A vacation in Central America is a chance to see all kinds of wonders that you would never be able to see at home. For lovers of nature and architecture alike, Santa Teresa and the Nicoya Peninsula are truly a feast for the eyes and the soul. Discover four cool things you’ll see while staying

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